Concerts 2019

During 2019 GMO, Scandinavia celebrates the fact that Glenn Miller's music is still played throughout the World under his own name 75 years after his lost. This is made possible by the Glenn Miller Productions, Inc. and four bands in the world with the exclusive rights to use the Glenn Miller Orchestra service mark. Together we play around 600 performances a year. Counterparty may be missing in music history.

The success concerts from this spring continues in October: In addition to anecdotes from Glenn's life, band leader Jan Slottenäs and the orchestra will explain and describe the so-called Miller sound, the design of the music, the sound's orign, structure and significance, as well as explain its success.

Glenn Miller lost his life in a plane crash across the English Channel on December 15, 1944. As United States' most popular big band leader and biggest music icon, two years earlier he closed down his civilian orchestra for being able to offer a moral maintenance to the Army as a volunteer officer and by playing his music directly for the soldiers. For this purpose, Miller built a new orchestra - The Army Air Force Orchestra. This orchestra moved in June 1944 to Britain and toured from the end of the same year on the Continent until the end of the Second World War.

On September 28, GMO Scandinavia returns with a special tribute to Glenn Miller and The Army Air Force Orchestra at Helsingborg Concert Hall. The music is then based mainly on the military repertoire.



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